Aqua Jogging, Weight Loss …

Aqua jogging really seems to work, I’m totally impressed, you just have to be a little mentally tough! :-)

I have not yet been for a real run where my calve’s have worked properly for weeks, have had some great massages but am just having to trust that my body will heal itself in the best time possible. This marathon runner thing is really a challenge, funny thing is anyone can run a marathon the challenge is making sure your body continues to work in spite of all the things that can happen.

Also made the decision to lose some more weight thinking if I do this my body may be more able to handle the running pressures I want to put on it. So this week my partners away and I’ve decided to do a semi fast for a few days before she returns on Friday night.

On the Mon weighed in at around 77 kgs so thinking if I can get back down around 75 kgs by Friday that would be great.

This week again have done around 3* Aqua Jog sessions and am pretty impressed with how well they seem to be going. My quads are damn sore after something like 5 or 6 Aqua jog sessions in 2 weeks.

Also done a couple of swims with Niels, which all seem to be going okay.

Well again tried to do a run on the Friday morning and after 15 mins calf went again, as you’d imagine I was hmmm not so happy at all!!! ##$@#$@#%.

Had a think about it across the day and decided to try another run that evening focusing on changing my gait so that I was running more flat-footed. I figured that perhaps because I’m more of a toe runner that this may not be helping.

A miracle happened, by changing the way my feet fall during running tonight I ran for 10Km and although very careful and at times a little sore my calves seemed fine. I did it, so am thinking I’m going to put some real focus onto my foot fall and so I run less on my toes and with more of an even foot landing.

We are not through the forest yet but perhaps I’m onto something here.

Had a good swim on the Saturday around 2.4km in the pool and felt good. Best thing yet this Friday after my little fasting or eating substantially less for the week the electronic scales had me weighing in at 73.5kg on the Friday morning.


Thats the lightest I’ve been in something like 15 years, and 15 years ago when I was able to get to around 72.5kg I was able to run and not get injured. Wont keep quiet this light though as it’s the middle of winter and might just need a couple more kg to keep me warm. 75kg is a good weight for my height of 6ft unless I naturally lose more once I get back into being able to do the longer runs.

So ….

Again much on with work so did not do anything for 3 days Sun-Tues …

Going to jump forward one day here into what will be the next entry, had a tough few days re work and everything else that’s been happening so by Wed night the week was being swallowed and I’d not done anything re fitness. My partner Ivonne agreed I should go out in the dark for a jog, in fact she pushed me to do it, and I knew I had to!

In the back of my mind I’ve known for ages that there’s a 1/2 marathon in Williamstown, Melbourne this weekend.

But with all the grief my bodies given me I’d pretty much given up hope. But on this run I decided to still compete, I figure damn it, even though I’ve not run over 1 hour in the past 5 weeks and in fact in that time have only had around 3 runs, yep thats approx 3 runs in 5 weeks. I’ve been doing all the Aqua jogging Niels recommended and have now just managed to do 3 runs in a week …

So unless the weather is really bad I’m going to line up this coming Sunday and run the Williamstown 1/2 marathon. I ran one in training around 7 weeks ago and managed 1hr 45mins so will have to just see how we go. Strategy is this, TAKE IT EASY for the first 7-8 km just get into a rhythm and if you feel good after 8-9 km get one with it and push hard till the end. :-)

You’ll here the reports in my next entry …

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